Center for Collaborative Solutions

CCS is a nationally recognized leader in supporting the development of high quality, financially sustainable afterschool programs. We know what works and what keeps programs and partnerships from reaching their potential. Our approach is based on years of practical experience and a proven record of success. We've helped over 3,000 urban and rural programs achieve their goals through workshops, on-site coaching, consultations and leading edge publications and resources.


Whether your program is just beginning or is well-established, our coaching packages can help you move from a promising to an exemplary level more effectively and in less time than you might think possible. Each package includes a full assessment of your program’s strengths and areas in need of improvement, a comprehensive development plan and the support and guidance of our team in carrying out your work.


If your program is having a hard time developing authentic partnerships with schools, integrating academic and youth development goals, supporting and retaining a capable staff or securing long-term funding, we offer expert consultations in each of these and many other areas. Hundreds of programs have already benefitted from this, and yours can too.


More than 40,000 program directors, site directors and staff members have become more skilled and confident by attending our workshops. Our participant-centered, hands-on approach makes a lasting impression and provides the tools you’ll need to translate what you’ve learned into everyday practices that make a real difference.

Learning Communities

Based on the 14 Exemplary Practices detailed in A Guide to Exemplary Practices in Afterschool Programs.

Staff Development

Success in any afterschool program depends on many factors—one of the most important of which is the way you approach staff development. We offer a variety of Staff Development Service Packages which will fit the needs of your program.